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Trucking Across Washington, D.C. in the 1920s

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As with less common D.C. types, what we know about early commercial plates is based almost exclusively on observation of existing examples and period photographs rather than historical records of what was actually issued. Photographs of trucks registered in D.C. between 1920 and 1927 are presented below to illustrate license plates used to register them.



Trucks of the Fussell-Young Ice Cream Co. with 1926 truck plates.

Each of the trucks in this photo is registered with 1926 D.C. truck plates, the earliest known evidence of this type. From left to right the numbers are C-11-782, C-11-783, C-1-680, C-1-677, and C-1-679 (out of frame). Although the photo is not sharp enough to read the "1926" year designation on the plates we know their year because this general plate layout was used from only 1924 through 1927, and of these years only the 1926 color scheme features dark characters on a lighter background. The photo source also indicates that it was taken during 1926.


Additional photographs will be added to this page.


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